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The Creator of the Profitable Musician Summit, Bree Noble Shares Insights on the Event in an Interview for Music Means the World to Me

In my previous article, I talked about an upcoming event I am hyper excited about – the Profitable Musician Summit. It’s launching on May 1st and in the span of 10 days, there will be 39 prominent musicians and industry professional, sharing their knowhow on monetizing music. What they share will be applicable to musicians of any level, experience and background and each and every one of the speakers proves in their unique way that A Musician CAN Feed a Household.Today, I feel so lit up about the opportunity to interview the creator of this summit, Bree Noble, herself. So here you can have a little sneak peek at the idea behind the summit, and the goodies that expect you, when you join.
But who is Bree Noble in the first place? Here you can find a little more about her background:

Bree had a successful 7-year run as a touring singer/songwriter including 3 album releases, several songwriting and artist awards including Best Female Vocalist at the Inland Empire Music Award (2007) and an opportunity to sing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium in front of 60,000 people.
 In 2007, during her time as a touring musician, she founded an online radio station, Women ofSubstance Radio, to promote quality female artists in all genres. During its 10 years on the air, the station became a highly respected and sought-after source of promotion for female artists, pursued by their PR agents and Record Labels. Bree’s marketing efforts cultivated a large Facebook following, significant listenership, a healthy email list and regular advertising revenue In 2015 Bree launched a 2nd Podcast, the Female Entrepreneur Musician (also #1 in New & Noteworthy), to serve the artists she had been promoting with Women of Substance. On the weekly show, Bree teaches marketing and business strategies for musicians and conducts interviews with successful Indie female artists and industry professionals that are both informational and inspirational.
Drawing on her extensive experience as a musician and entrepreneur, Bree has created several online courses to help musicians learn to make a living from their music. Her most popular offering is an online training and mentoring community exclusively for female musicians called the "Female Musician Academy".

Can a musician feed a household and how do you envision the profitable musician?

I absolutely believe a musician can feed a family and achieve a sustainable income from music. The key is to diversify income streams because some income is more seasonal, and some income types ebb and flow, so if you have several kinds of income coming in, you aren't putting all of your eggs in one basket and making yourself vulnerable to changes in the industry or habits on music consumers.

In your podcast you mentioned you spent more than 3 months to organize this huge event. What inspired you to put all this work in service of the indie musicians out there and what helped you stay consistent and not give up?

Having a partner really helped. Even though it's not like having a boss (I had to be accountable to myself as the captain of the ship), having someone to check in with kept me on track and gave me inspiration when I got overwhelmed.
The two-fold mission of helping musicians make consistent income and the desire to highlight women in the industry was the driving factor that kept me going, even when I had a bad cold or got bogged down by details.

How did you choose exactly these 39 speakers? Did you already have established relationships with them?

I had relationships with several. Some I was introduced to by my partner Steve or my friend and summit speaker D Grant Smith. I started by listing out the income streams I wanted to focus on, then I chose the speakers based on finding the best person for that particular topic. Although we have some well-known speakers, we also have some up-and-comers and musicians who have not spoken on summits before. I wanted to bring some perspectives that other summits and conferences haven't explored. And finally, I was driven by wanting to highlight women and a goal of 2/3 of the speakers being women so that played a part in who I chose.

Did you have any challenges when it comes to the communication with the speakers? Were all of them aligned with your idea when you initially approached them?

I actually didn't have anyone say "no". I had a few that I didn't know personally simply not respond, but I found a replacement. I use Acuity Calendar in tandem with Google calendar and that worked great. I personally chose the questions for all the speakers which was a job in itself.

How will attending the summit live benefit the artists? Will there be a way for the attendees to ask questions and get clarity on what they’ve learnt?
This summit is designed to give musicians ideas about how they can expand their money-making potential beyond what they are already doing, or help them make more money from what they are doing now.
Although the interviews are pre-recorded, the Facebook group allows attendees to leave comments and questions for the speakers as they watch the interviews.

Artists can also upgrade to a life-time pass. What’s in it for them?

For those who purchase the All-Access pass, there will be a private Q&A with me, Steve & many of the speakers held after the summit is over for them to get more clarity. Steve is also devising action plans for each session for the people who purchase the All-Access pass which will be invaluable. The price of the All-Access pass will go up soon after the summit starts so I suggest they purchase early to get the early bird price.

Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

I would love to invite all musicians, whether you are a full-time or part-time musician to join us for the summit. With the free ticket you'll get 48 hours to watch each session after it is released, so don't worry about needing to watch them right away. I highly recommend requesting Messenger reminders as prompted in the welcome email and also joining the private community so you can talk with the other summit attendees and speakers throughout.

It was such an exciting experience to have this interview with Bree Noble! I really can't wait for the summit to launch on May 1st, and I'd be really happy to meet you guys in the Summit Facebook group!
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